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Frequently Asked Questions 

How is this project funded?  The project is part of the Transportation Master Plan and funded by the Regional Sales Tax (Arterial Life Cycle Program) and Scottsdale’s Transportation 0.1% Sales Tax.

What does the City do to evaluate future noise from roadway improvements and how will the impacts be addressed?  The City conducted a full noise study within the project limits. Noise levels were gathered to calibrate the model and existing and proposed traffic volumes were used to predict the noise levels that will occur after the project is constructed. Based on the results of the noise study, no mitigation measures were recommended.


Will there be landscaping as part of the project?  The project includes a landscape package to revegetate the areas around the bridge after construction. The project team is making every effort to salvage existing landscape and revegetate the project area as much as feasible.

What are construction work hours?  During winter hours (Nov. 1 - Mar. 31), allowable construction work hours are 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. and during summer hours (Apr. 1 - Oct. 31) allowable hours are 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. The City may grant variances for the contractor to work outside these hours; however, variances are not granted solely for the contractor or project convenience, and should be fully justified (e.g., pouring concrete during early morning hours for concrete to cure properly or planned water outages during night hours to minimize the impact to residents). 

How will the project impact wildlife?  Any construction project may have impacts to wildlife. The project team has designed the bridge to accommodate safe passage of wildlife and the design fosters a more natural travel way for wildlife.


How many lanes will there be on Miller Road after the project is completed?  Four travel lanes have been designed and will be constructed to match the existing four lane configuration which was previously constructed by adjacent developments.


Will there be sidewalks or paths constructed as part of the project?  The project will include detached sidewalks on both sides of Miller Road.


What will the speed limit be on Miller Road after construction?  It is anticipated that the speed limit will be set at 35 mph and will continue to be evaluated over time by the Traffic Engineering Section.


Are speed bumps or traffic calming planned for MIller Road?  Unfortunately, traffic calming with speed cushions is not permitted per the City of Scottsdale's Neighborhood Traffic Management Policy. Traffic calming devices are only for streets with one lane per direction. The anticipated volume also exceeds the limit allowed. Traffic calming devices are typically intended for use on residential streets with houses that front the street and have driveways on it. 

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