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Miller Road: Pinnacle Peak Road to Happy Valley Road

Visit the official City of Scottsdale website or contractor's website by clicking the logo above

Aerial View.JPG

Scottsdale Rd

Hayden Rd

Happy Valley Rd

Miller Rd

Rawhide Wash

Pinnacle Peak Rd

This project has been approved by Scottsdale Transportation Commission, Planning & Zoning Commission, DRB and City Council.  Click below for project history:

For rendered views of the bridge, click Project History

Construction work began in mid-July 2023 on the completion of Miller Road between Pinnacle Peak Road and Happy Valley Road, including a bridge over the Rawhide Wash. The project also includes improvements to the Pinnacle Peak Road and Happy Valley Road intersections at Miller Road. The project is scheduled to be complete in the fall of 2024. Utility work took place earlier this year and a County Flood Control Project in the area is also underway.

Completing this connection will create a new option for north/south travel beyond Scottsdale and Pima roads and provide a direct connection to the Hayden Road/Loop 101 interchange. The new segment of roadway will include two lanes of travel in each direction, bike lanes, and detached sidewalks with landscaped buffers on either side of the street.

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