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Construction Info

Provided below is current construction information on the upcoming construction schedule, but please remember schedules can be impacted by a variety of factors to include weather, materials scheduling, availability of resources, and coordination with others.

Current Construction Info (July 16, 2024):

Please note that bridge construction is in full operation and this area is an active construction zone. There are many hazards for those walking or traveling near the work zone, so please stay away from this area. To maintain safety, the contractor has installed additional signage around the area.  Crews across the city begin work at 6 a.m. annually, April through October due to increasing temperatures.


Crews have been working to form up bridge deck and rebar for the Miller Road Bridge to prepare for concrete deck pours.


Crews continue work on the Miller Road Bridge with concrete bridge deck pours currently scheduled to take place on Friday, July 19 and Friday, July 26, beginning as early as 12:01 a.m. to provide the best results for the quality of concrete and temperature at which it needs to be poured. Crews will work to the extent possible to minimize noise and light impacts during this planned early morning work.


Thank you for your patience during this work.

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Miller Rd

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Rip Rap for Scour Protection
Forming the Pier Caps
Waterline Pipe
South End Retaining Wall Footings
Forming South Abutment
Forming of South Abutment
Drilled Shafts and Columns
Drilling Shafts for Columns
Drilled Shafts for Columns
Drilled Shafts for Abutment
Tying Rebar
Several Rebar Cages
Rebar Cage
Setting Rebar Cage
Rebar Cage Length
Lifting the Cage
Lifting Rebar Cage
Installing Rebar Cage
Crews Tying Rebar
Installing Rebar Cage
Drill Rig
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